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Welcome to the Clean Body Project!   I'm thrilled to have you with us.  If you don't know who I am, click here to learn more, but don't forget to come back.  This page will get you started on exploring this site and seeing how you might start your personal Clean Body Project.  Remember, there is no one way to do it.  The best way is your way.  

As a certified health coach and life purpose coach I can offer lots of inspiration, guidance and a kick in the rump here and there, but in the end, you must make the decision and commit to creating a life where you have let go of the stress, worries, and toxic relationships and add in love, acceptance and mindfulness, among other good-for-you things.   Your journey begins with a single step.  Keep reading to learn more about this site.

​What is the Clean Body Project all About?

The Clean Body Project creates transformational holistic living content (articles, books, courses, etc.) for women who are challenged with knowing how to clean up their lives so that they can live more in tune to their natural rhythm within the Universe.

To accomplish this goal, we will never advocate a “one-size-fits-all” mentality when it comes to holistic living.  We will make space for each visitor to explore what works for their personal experience at this time, right now.


Nothing is more important to your health than your relationships; starting with the one you have with yourself. When you give yourself permission to live and act in self-love, taking care of yourself becomes less of a “chore.” In addition, and over time, this self-love will expand and envelop those closest to you creating healthier relationships. Give yourself permission to love.

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Many people experience resiliency and strength from a strong sense of spirituality and the focus on “living in the moment." Beliefs and practices in prayer and mindful meditation appear effective in addressing ailments at levels deeper than just the physical. It doesn't take long to sink deep into a mindful practice that could alleviate stress and change everything.

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For most of us, our career takes up the majority of our waking hours. So it stands to reason that we should feel fulfilled in our work. But what if your career and your “life purpose” aren’t synchronized? The potential toll upon your well-being can be overwhelming. Finding ways to be both happy and positive in a job you love until you can change the scenery is possible!

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Money matters are a huge concern for most people today. It often poses an even greater challenge for women. Too many of us believe we "can't afford to be healthy." But can you really afford not to recover your health? We all face financial challenges at one time or another, however, you need to make yourself a priority. With some planning and budgeting you can put your health, life and happiness at the top of the list.

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Physical wellness is another important integrative element in your journey. This doesn't mean you need to join an expensive gym. There are many ways to get active and we'll share everything we know. Whether you make it a family affair or do it on your own, with a little patience and a lot of self-love, you can become more active and begin to heal your body. When you find activities that are fun you won't see it as work.

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Here we consider food "secondary nutrition." Regardless of your health goals, food can taste good. Providing balanced and healthy meals doesn't have to be overwhelming. We'll be here with you every step of the way as you discover how to choose and eat those foods that support your body in good health. We'll share our favorite recipes and meal plans. Hippocrates said, "Let food be they medicine." That's our philosophy too!

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