The PCOS Playbook
will soon be reality!

Hey there! Corrie Ann here. Thank you for your interest in learning more about the PCOS Playbook. This has been a passion project idea for years and I am about to make it reality.  I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 38 and became a certified health coach to figure out how to manage the symptoms to live a healthy and fulfilling life. By the time I finished the program I knew that I wanted to help other women, like you, who want to heal their mind, body and soul.

I'm tired of all the negative vibes that come along with a PCOS diagnosis - aren't you?  This is why I want to bring together a community of compassionate women who support one another, not tear each other down. Watch this page for more information in the coming weeks about new PCOS resources and programs I will begin offering this year. I promise you it will be epic and change your entire perception of what it means to have PCOS.

Let's share the journey together and create a holistically healthy life, regardless of PCOS. 

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