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So Who is Corrie Ann Gray?

Hey there! I am the creative genius behind the Clean Body Project. It's been a personal passion project of mind for a few years and in 2017 I decided to share it with the world - to share it with you.

I am a true renaissance soul, with many passions that fill my days with a bit of craziness. All in a good way. I am a wife, writer, researcher, integrative nutrition health coach, dancer and a silly goofball.

​​​My mission here at the Clean Body Project (lovingly referred to as CBP) is to be a wellness advocate and to share what I have learned and discovered about letting go of what I no longer need or want.

That's what "clean" means around here - to let go of things that clutter up your life and muddle the vision you have for the future.

Have you ever asked yourself...

  • ​How do I let go of the toxic relationships in my life?
  • What is really in my drinking water?
  • How can I be sure that my body care products and cosmetics aren't harming my health?
  • Do I really need to put up with corporate politics in order to make a good living?
  • Can meditating help me focus on what's most important?
  • Where can I find inspiration to move my body more throughout the day?
  • What is really in our food supply?
  • How do I use whole organic foods to make amazingly delicious meals that heal?

I have too.  It all started when I went back to college in my mid-twenties and started feeling a little "off."

Things started going downhill quickly when I hit my early mid-twenties. 

I graduated from my University program and moved back to California. I had been on a low-dose birth control pill since the age of 19 and felt it was time to take myself off the hormones. Within a year I gained 30 pounds, my menstrual cycle was erratic at best, I had zero energy, and my skin broke out regularly. It took three years of doctors appointments and my own research and I was eventually diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The endocrinologist handed me a bottle of pills (Metformin) and sent me on my way.

I'm a researcher by nature and I spent a lot of time in laboratories and academic libraries to know that I could find resources to help me. The problem was, everything I read and learned contradicted each other. It wasn't long before I realized I needed to turn my body and life into a laboratory.

I obtained my certification as a holistic health, integrative nutrition coach and started experimenting. There have been many ups and downs, but in general I have managed to figure out my PCOS symptoms and learn what works - for me.  My menstrual cycles are normal, my skin is fine, I feel generally okay, but something is still missing.

That's where this project comes in. A few years ago I started a Facebook page called the Clean Body Project. I popped it up there to start cataloging things that I found and share them with others. Surprisingly, people started following the page. I said from the beginning, if I ever hit 200 "likes" I would start this blog - so here it is!

The intention of this blog is to research, learn and educate about clean living. It is starting out as a 365 day project and at the end I hope to have a book manuscript ready to go. In the process, I will share everything I know, find and learn with you!  I will experiment, try new things, interview experts, explore different foods, and figure out how cleaning up my act can lead to better health.

I am thankful to have you along for the ride. Here's to learning what our bodies are all about. Here's to being open to new ideas and notions. Here's to better health. May we all have a Clean Body Project to lead us down the road of wellness.

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