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Be More Active Throughout Your Day

Whether you are challenged with chromic condition or not, it’s important for all of us to find more ways to be active throughout our day; not only for our physical health, but perhaps even more importantly, our mental health. When the mind is “stuck,” depressed or anxious, the body, in an automatic response, usually doesn’t move.

By keeping active, even in small ways, we keep our mind engaged and moving forward in a more balanced and peaceful way and it becomes easier to stay motivated to stay active.

Speaking of moving, below are some simple, but effective, steps you can add to your day. While each one alone may not seem like a lot, even minutes a day can quickly (and even easily) add up to more physical activity without having to give up large blocks of time in your day.

You CAN be More Active at Work

  • Need to catch up with a colleague or have a quick meeting? Have a walking meeting and get those ideas flowing!
  • Deliver messages in person instead of calling or emailing.
  • Instead of a coffee break, take a stretching or walking break and get naturally re-energized. 
  • Set an alarm to remind you to get up from your desk (every hour if you can) and walk or stretch for two to five minutes. 
  • See if you can modify your desk to allow you to stand some of the day. You can burn up to 50% more calories than sitting with that simple change!
  • Replace your office chair with an exercise ball; it requires more effort to stay balanced and helps strengthen your abs.

Keep Moving at Home too

  • Talk a walk after dinner with family, friends, neighbors or even the family dog. 
  • Work in your yard or garden.
  • Before putting that milk carton or orange juice container away, do a few arm curls (remember to do each arm)!
  • A recent Nielsen Report revealed we spend over four and half hours a day watching TV (NOT including DVR-watching time); almost 35 hours a week … that’s almost a full-time job! Can’t give up your TV time? Do some sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, stationary bike riding or stretching while watching your favorite shows or movies. Or maybe dust off that jump rope or hula hoop; have some fun!
  • Dance to your favorite music in the living room. Get your family involved too and make it a friendly competition.

A Few Other Ideas to Move More

  • Remember the Sunday drives with Mom and Dad? How about starting a new tradition of taking a walk each Sunday? Go explore your town or local hiking trails.
  • If possible, ride your bike to work. Ride the bus? Get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way to work, home or shopping.
  • Looking for some extra motivation to take that walk? How about listening to your favorite audio book while you’re walking. A good juicy novel will get you out more often! 
  • Volunteer at a shelter and play with the pets or take a dog for a walk.

No matter what steps you decide to take in your quest to be more active, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing because you’re more apt to keep doing it!

In addition, with additional activity, you’re also be releasing more endorphins (the natural “feel good” chemicals of the body) which effectively counteract the negative effects of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and stress; common challenges faced by those dealing with PCOS and even those who are not.

Now go have some fun and get moving!

About the Author Corrie Ann

Corrie Ann Gray is a writer, researcher, coach, and cookie enthusiast who lives in Los Angeles, CA. She started the Clean Body Project to share all of her knowledge and resources with others who are interested in running their own experiment into clean holistic living. She is also known as The Renaissance Soul Writer at

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